Give Your Skin a Lift & a Summer Glow

Give Your Skin a Lift & a Summer Glow

Aging is inevitable, but premature skin aging is not. One of our favorite natural ingredients that work wonders on the skin is pomegranate, which is why we choose to incorporate it into a one of a kind product, our Pomegranate 3 in 1 Arm Skin Lift Express.

The Perlier Pomegranate 3 in 1 Arm Skin Lift Express is a beauty treatment that has a threefold benefit: invigorating, firmer looking, and smoother looking skin. The core of the formula is Perlier’s innovative and proprietary “Pomegranate-P Complex,” a complex that contains the most dynamic principles of pomegranate: water, pulp, seed oil, and sterols.

And just in time for summer we’ve launched our Pomegranate Tightening Cream for Abdomen, Hips & Thighs.


So how do they work?

  1. Improves Elasticity: Special peptides found in pomegranates work together with key ingredients to help optimize the look of skin and provide components that contribute to the look of skin’s firmness.
  2. Improves Hydration: If you suffer from dry skin, pomegranate oil can work wonder for restoring hydration. The punicic acid in the seed oil hydrates and repairs skin to an even, healthy tone.
  3. Gives The Skin A Summer Glow: The juice and peel of pomegranate can prevent degradation of connective tissue and help stimulate collagen synthesis. An increase in collagen production can make your skin more supple and smooth looking.


Real Results:

Thirty participants took part in a clinical study and subjects saw a sixty-nine percent increase in skin hydration in just one hour after use. Subjects also saw a twelve percent increase in the look of skin’s elasticity after just four hours. Additionally, subjects saw a fifteen percent increase in the look of skin firmness after four hours of use.

Beyond the numbers and raving reviews, it’s impeccably easy to use. Apply in the morning and at night, with an uplifting motion. Massage in a circular motion onto the most prone areas of “relaxed” looking skin.