How To Change Your Skincare Routine for Warmer Weather

As temperatures rise, it is time to switch up your skincare routine to stay dewy and fresh all summer long. With summer heat in full swing, we know your schedules are jam packed with outdoor activities, beach days, and vacation. This is the time, more than ever, to take care of your skin! Perlier’s Regenovive Hydrozone skin care line is the perfect solution to provide your summer skin with the necessities it needs to stay glowing. The products are inspired by The Rose of Jericho, a flower that withstands the desert’s extreme drought and temperature conditions, and contains sugar that holds significant  amounts of water, allowing the plant to live years without water. Pelier has adopted this ingredient in their exclusive Hydro-Zone Skincare line which retains moisture in your skin and rejuvenates. Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend to getting your best summer skin.

Keep it clean – Before you can have glowing, radiant skin, you need a strong foundation of skin to build upon. This means cleansing daily, removing any build up on your skin after a long day at the beach, and removing makeup before bedtime. Moreover, it is crucial during the summertime to find a product that not only cleanses your skin, but locks in moisture. The Bi-phase Cleanser Face & Eyes uses ingredients like Witch Hazel and Trehalose 2 Alpha, which allows the cleanser to deep clean and decongest your pores, while also locking hydration. Additionally, the Bi-phase Cleanser serves as a makeup remover, allowing you to get a full face wash and makeup erase in one.

Invest in your under eyes – Taking care of the skin under your eyes is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself this summer. The skin around our eyes produces less sebum, thus drying out more quickly than the rest of our skin. Our recommendation? Perlier’s Eyerase Balm-gel. This Hydrozone product not only locks in moisture during long days in the sun, but it also works to ease under-eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.

Ditch the heavy foundation, go natural – The last thing you want during your summer is to be weighed down by heavy foundation products. Foundation runs the risk of seeping into your pores, leaving your skin dull and broken out. Instead, try going for a fresh-faced look this summer. Perlier’s O2xigen moisturizing serum eases the transportation of oxygen throughout skin cells to balance the skin’s oxygen and moisture levels. This allows you to have natural, dewy skin, without any harsh foundation lines.

While we know it can be hard to give up your old skincare habits, use this summer as a fresh start to kick start your new, healthy skincare routine. At Perlier, we believe in promoting skin care first, and makeup second. We want you to have a glowing, dewy complexion to take on all your summer adventures.