Sardinia, A Destination You Should Add to Your Bucket List

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea lies the enchanted island of Sardinia – a mysterious, rugged landscape untouched by time and modernity. Amidst its ancient ruins, grows the sacred myrtle plant only found in this island paradise. Within fields of aromatic plants, the hard working honey bee makes a unique and extraordinary honey-kissed by the Mediterranean sun.

From the riches of this charming place, Perlier brings the very essence of its natural splendor to create the Honey of Sardinia product line. Honey provides deep down nutrition for the skin, helping the regeneration of damaged skin tissue. This line is the one, and only time Perlier will cultivate their honey from Sardinia, making these exclusive, sun-kissed products a once in a lifetime experience. We want to show you exactly what these products were inspired by, by taking you through the most amazing parts of Sardinia.

Ready to get lost in the essence of the Mediterranean?

Clearest waters in the world– Sardinia is believed to have the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea. What makes these beaches so special? The clear, blue waters. Grab your swimsuit and head to the beach for Cala Gonone, Li Coggi beach, or Costa Smeralda beach, for a stunning view and a relaxing float. Perlier’s Honey of Sardinia Bath Cream will bring you back to the shores of the Mediterranean, while gently nourishing the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and silky.

Cruise the capital– Founded in 9th century BC, Cagliari lies on the islands south coast, sprinkled* with vibrantly colored houses, festive museums, and ancient artifacts. This city breathes life into the island through its immensely rich culture and its warm-hearted residents. A walk through the town will leave you wishing you could take this little bit of Sardinia home with you - and now, you can. With Perlier’s Honey of Sardinia Hand Cream, packed with revitalizing ingredients, your hands will stay moisturized and soft all day long, while carrying around the familiar scent that will bring you back to the heart of Cagliari.

The Myrtle Flower– As you wander the island, the floral aroma of the Myrtle Flower fills every breeze with its sweet, refreshing scent. This rare Sardinian flower is only found on this island, giving it a luxurious, omnipresent reputation. Perlier cultivates the luxury of this flower to create the richest, deep nourishment. Perlier uses the Myrtle Flower Water, called Water of angels, which tones and lifts the skin, Myrtle Flower Extract, soothing the skin, and finally the Myrtle Flower honey, a decadent, amber honey, which encloses all the flavors and characteristics of the unique Sardinian and Mediterranean flora. Grab a bottle of our Body Cream to capture the true essence of the Myrtle Flower.

Perlier’s Sardinian Honey brings you to the coast of the Mediterranean. Seaspray on your face, the all-encompassing aroma of the Myrtle Flower all around you, and the warm Mediterranean sun beating down on your face. Treat yourself to a vacation, or maybe just our line, to truly escape to a Sardinian get-away.