Shea Butter is the Secret for Your Spring Skincare Routine

Shea Butter is the Secret for Your Spring Skincare Routine

With a shift in seasons comes a shift in skincare maintenance. Moving from winter to spring is much welcomed for most, but it’s common to experience a few cold snaps as the weather starts warming up, which means your skin might go through a variety of weather-related trauma. Dryness is a major condition the skin encounters between seasons, and it’s made worse by products that have aggressive detergents and by exposure to harsh elements, like wind, sun, and cold temperatures. Age can also play a part in skin becoming more susceptible to dehydration.

When the skin’s natural protective barrier is weakened by these factors, it’s no longer able to retain hydration, losing firmness and suppleness. Dry skin can also contribute to premature signs of aging. Mother nature comes to the rescue, though, with a powerful, all-natural product: shea butter. Containing ceramides, phytosteral, and keratin, shea butter can restore the proper levels of hydration in your skin and support the skin’s natural barrier, allowing softness and elasticity to return to even the driest skin.

Perlier has several powerful shea butter products to try this spring to achieve your softest skin yet. Our scientists have perfected the purification process that allows our shea butter to be one of the most highly effective on the market. Keep reading to check out two of our favorite shea butter products below.

The 99% Pure Shea Butter Body Balm is ideal for use on the entire body. Our shea butter is 100-percent certified organic with intensely long-lasting moisturizing properties, which are further enhanced by the powerful benefits of almondw. Together, shea butter and almond extract can tackle even the driest of skin and retain hydration for extensive periods of time.

To cleanse and moisturize at the same time, try the Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Bath & Shower gel. Using the same intensive ingredients as the body balm, shea butter and almond milk, the shower cream cleanses the skin while providing intense comfort for dry skin, leaving it smooth and velvety. For the best and longest-lasting results, use the shower cream before applying the body balm for deeply moisturized, younger-looking skin.