Superfood Spotlight on Pomegranate and What it Can Do For Your Skin

Superfood Spotlight on Pomegranate and What it Can Do For Your Skin

Pomegranate, the fruit of eternal youth, matures in the Mediterranean Sun. Its ruby red grains are a concentrate of natural vitality and extraordinary health benefits. Pomegranates have anti-oxidant and anti-tumor properties. Additionally, they are an amazing source of vitamins, specifically, vitamin C, vitamin E, and folic acid. It is no surprise why this delicious red fruit is commonly incorporated into a healthy diet.

While most people are aware of the extensive health benefits eating pomegranate provides, pomegranate can generate extraordinary benefits to an area most people are unaware of- your skin! Incorporating pomegranate into your skincare routine will leave your skin looking young, hydrated, supple, and glowing. Pomegranate ingredients serve as the core of Perlier’s proprietary "Pomegranate-P active complex," creating new effective and innovative super hydrating skincare for your body. The highlight reel, below:

Your skin’s fresh start—Extracted from Pomegranate Juice, organic pomegranate active water is obtained through an exclusive method which allows the extraction of phenolic compounds - powerful natural antioxidants - and the preservation of their valuable properties. In fact, thanks to the innovative “bag-box” technology, the fresh extract is protected from the aggression of oxygen, light and microbial contaminations until use. Perlier’s Pomegranate Active Water helps to visibly awaken the vital functions of the skin!

Hello, hydration!—Rich in P-Aquaporin, pomegranate pulp is highly moisturizing and rich in enzymes, pomegranate pulp helps to renew the skin, for a smoother and more radiant looking skin. Perlier’s Pomegranate Moisturizing Hand Cream is packed full of Vitamin C, and natural antioxidants, leaving the skin moisturized, soft, and bright.

Revitalize—Obtained by cold-pressing the seeds remaining, after separation from the pulp and the juice extraction, Pomegranate seed oil is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Rich in Vitamin E, flavonoids, Ellagic acid, it helps to protect against free radicals, thus delaying signs of skin aging. Pomegranate seed oil helps to revitalize the skin and deeply and visibly improves the look of the skin tissue. Try Perlier’s Detoxifying Body Scrub for that refreshed, summer glow.

Your skin’s bodyguard*—Nourishing waxes (sterols) are extracted from the skin of the pomegranate peel, acting as a protective barrier between your skin and the outside world, essentially keeping the good in and locking the bad out. These help to make the skin more elastic and compact, while aiding in moisture retention and bringing intense nourishment. Optimize your skin’s elasticity with Perlier’s Pomegranate Lift Express Arm Cream.

Clearly, it’s a good idea to get these ingredients into your skincare ASAP. Order Perlier’s Pomegranate-P active complex line here, today!