The Importance of "Re-Oxygenated" Skin

The Importance of "Re-Oxygenated" Skin

If you haven’t heard of re-oxygenating your skin, you are not alone. The process has been proven to be essential for the health of skin tissue, so what is it? Our Perlier laboratories have done studies on re-oxygenating skin, a process otherwise known as boosting the skin cells’ metabolism and overall quality with the use of oxygen in skincare products. It’s not a complicated idea, and the results are astounding.

Oxygen supply is crucial for the life and wellbeing of skin cells, just like it’s imperative for the rest of our body to function. Products that have re-oxygenating properties improve cellular metabolism, which is a lavish way of saying the complexion brightens and the skin is more receptive to other treatments, like moisturizing and anti-aging skincare products. It’s a game changer for the whole health of the skin, allowing it to be more supple, smooth, and youthful.

Upon our labs’ discovery of the skin benefits and anti-aging properties of pumping oxygen into the skin, we knew it would be a disservice if we weren’t to create products that showcased this incredible process. A few to try come from our Hydro-Zone line, which showcases a formula made with the rose of Jericho. This plant contains Trehalose-2 alpha, a sugar capable of absorbing great amounts of water and releasing it slowly over time.

The rose of Jericho itself is a miracle flower. During the hot season, and throughout droughts, the plant completely dries out. It can withstand extreme temperatures at length because it loses all of its moisture, and then, when rain comes, the plant resurrects and unfolds into the shape of a rose. The element that allows it to resurge and rehydrate, Trehalose-2 alpha, is what is found in our Hydrozone products.

One of the products from this line to try out is the Hydro-Zone Smart Moisturizing Serum, which re-oxygenates the skin by easing the transport of oxygen within cells and improving the skin conditions to create a healthy glow. Jojoba ozonized oil, a special vegetal oil that releases active oxygen into the skin, and vegetal polysaccharide, a protectant that acts as a second skin to shield against pollution and climatic stress, are two active ingredients in this potent and fast-acting serum.

Also worth sampling is the Bi-phase Cleanser Face & Eyes, a cleansing formula that gently, but thoroughly, removes waterproof makeup from the face and eyes to reveal a smooth, soft, and perfectly clean complexion. Witch hazel and Trehalose-2 alpha combine to penetrate deeply within the pores to hydrate, sanitize, and re-oxygenate the skin, leaving it soft and velvety to touch.

Whether you are looking to improve the youthfulness of the skin or the softness and smoothness of the complexion, re-oxygenating products like those from Perlier’s Hydro-Zone line will improve the overall health and suppleness of the skin.