The Lavender Craze - Why This Sweet Smelling Flower is Your Summer Go-To

As the summer months pass by, you may begin to reflect back on this summer's adventures. From long days at the beach, outdoor barbecues, high humidity, and warm temperatures, these all seem like the ideal package for a killer summer. You may be beginning to see some negatives effects of these summer happenings, specific to your skin. In that case, lavender may just be the perfect ingredient to include in your skin regime this summer. Not only does it have miracle-working benefits such as acne prevention and toning properties, lavender oil also serves as a sunburn soother, bug bite healer, and an eczema alleviator! Lavender will be your new BFF whether you’re out in the sun, camping outdoors, or simply enjoying the warm weather this summer! Find out how Lavender works its magic below.

When acne comes — Contrary to what you might assume, applying lavender oil to the skin does not make your skin any oilier due to its antibacterial properties. These allow the oil to penetrate your pores and clean out any toxins and bacteria- a leading culprit for breakouts. Lavender oil also helps balance hormonal levels, thus working to prevent any further breakouts.  We recommend this Revitalizing Liquid Soap for Hands and Face for flawless skin!

When the sun burns— Too much fun in the sun? Lavender’s got your back. Its potent antimicrobial properties help to combat pain from sunburn and also contributes to speed healing, allowing your body to recover fast. Next time your back or legs get burnt from a long summer's day, try Perlier’s Lavender Revitalizing Body Butter.

Added bonus! For when you do get burnt, lavender oil also fights off premature wrinkling! The oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells, thus diminishing blemishes and wrinkles!

When the bugs bite— Does it even count as a summer night without pesky bugs? To fight off that morning-after bug bite itch, Lavender oil is also your go-to guy. Lavender contains counterirritants that stimulate sensory receptors in the skin, creating a sensation of warmth, coolness, and efficiently reduces irritation, itchiness, and pain from bug bites! Scratch that annoying itch with Perlier’s Lavender Moisturizing Body Cream.

When the weather irritates— Summer means plenty of sunshine, high humidity, and warm temperature. These ideal weather conditions are also ideal for eczema flares. Lavender comes in handy here as it’s antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties combat cases of eczema, as well as create a sense of stability for balanced skin. Next shower, wash with this Lavender Foaming Shower Gel to get lathered in lavender!

Incorporating lavender into your daily life is the key to ensure your summer adventures are smooth sailing from here on out! With these products, you can live out your wildest summer endeavors, with the comfort of lavender, soothing, healing, and beautifying your skin along the way.