The No-Makeup Look - Why It's Trending and How to Get It

The No-Makeup Look - Why It's Trending and How to Get It

If you’ve been keeping up with recent beauty trends, you’ve probably caught on to the “no makeup” look coming back in style. However, while this look is currently trending, it is a timeless look people have been attempting to achieve for centuries. The bare-faced, I just rolled out of bed looking flawless look is in, and we’re here to help you get it. Now is the time more than ever to go makeup-free and rediscover what actually makes your face glow. The answer is simple and lies in your skincare routine. Here are our essential products and tips to make going fresh-faced more beautiful than ever.

So fresh, so clean Investing in a quality cleanser is key to getting a fresh-faced look. Not only will a facial cleanser wash away any toxins or build up stuck to your skin, but your cleanser will also be your foundation for keeping your skin luminous. Perlier’s Hydro-Zone Micellar Cleansing Water is a light, yet effective cleanser, free from oils and detergents thus keeping your skin soft and fresh. We recommend a light wash with this bad boy in the A.M. and P.M.

Tone it upPossibly the most neglected step in everyone's skincare routine, the toner! Toner often falls under the radar solely because people confuse its purpose. Not anymore! Toner is a great fix for hiding blemishes, tightening the skin, and fighting against wrinkles! Try out the Black Rice Platinum Face Tonic Lotion as it stimulates, revitalizes and prepares the skin for the day to come.

Mask offNot only can you make an entire girls night out of doing face masks and wine, they’re extremely beneficial in helping you achieve your natural glow! There are a variety of different types of face masks, from blackhead removing to detoxifying, to redness reducing. However, the most essential type of mask you should be using to achieve the no makeup, bare skin look is a hydrating mask! The best bet to achieving your dream dewy skin is Perlier’s Hydro-Zone Smart Moisturizing Mask.

Eye-owe youPull this all together. Before you grab for the concealer to hide eye bags, guess again. Using Perlier’s Hydro-Zone Eye Contour Serum Roll-On, you can keep the area around your eyes perfectly hydrated all day long, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of tiredness caused by dehydration. This product fits perfect in your no makeup skin routine as it rediscovers freshness, elasticity, and smoothness, and gives you that youthful look.