The Secret Ingredient Your Skincare Is Missing

There are so many skincare cosmetic ingredients that come from nature that are good for your skin, but few provide as many benefits as argan oil. It is a smooth, golden oil used in Moroccan tradition for both beauty and culinary purposes, since it is full of vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. These three components are super foods for the skin, but it has taken some time for word to spread about argan oil’s positive effects. According to Natural Living Ideas, only two skincare products on U.S. shelves in 2007 contained argan; today, there are more than 100 and counting.

So, what makes the natural oil so special? The most incredible feature is that it is highly moisturizing, without being greasy.  It absorbs into the skin rapidly, leaving it soft, smooth, and full of moisture. It applies well on all skin types, whether you have naturally oily, dry, or combination skin. It’s safe for everyone, since it does not clog pores, and it actually balances and neutralizes the skin’s innate oil producing levels.

Those with sensitive skin will love using products enhanced with argan oil, and acne-prone individuals can benefit from the oil’s high linoleic acid content, which reduces inflammation that can come with acne when the damaged skin is healing. In addition to helping quell breakouts, this miraculous oil can also help with other skin problems, like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, as well as healing minor acne scars.

The nutrients found in argan oil enhance elasticity in the skin and prevent signs of aging by decreasing the depth of lines, fading age spots, increasing suppleness, and restoring the regenerative rate of healthy skin cells. With all of these effects, it’s a wonder that everyone isn’t using this as a part of their daily skincare routines.

Perlier has crafted a line of products that feature the restorative properties of argan oil, like our Shea Butter and Argan Oil Moisture Soufflé for Hands and Feet, Shea Butter and Argan Oil Moisture Soufflé for Face and Body, and All Over Nourishing Drops with Shea Butter and Argan Oil. The latter gives the skin a radiant and moisturized complexion, hydrates the skin, and even nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair.

The two soufflé products target different areas of the body to make them feel smoother, softer, more moisturized, younger, and more radiant. These moisturizers melt into the skin, absorbing quickly so as not to feel sticky or greasy, and when used daily, they will firm the skin and enhance its overall health and appearance.

The proof is in the soufflé—er, pudding. Argan oil is everything and more when it comes to healthy skin, and is begging to be incorporated to your daily skincare regimen.