Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Our Top Skincare Picks from Perlier

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner, a group of gal pals, or taking the holiday to show yourself a little love, we have just the thing to make your 14th of February a bit more luxurious. From moisturizing the whole body to anti-aging or refreshing the skin, our products can be utilized for all uses and skin types and make you feel like the best version of you.

An esteemed and dedicated team of pharmacists, chemists, and agricultural specialists works together to develop and perfect Perlier’s line of natural beauty products that deliver powerful results. Read on to discover some of our highest rated offerings that customers can’t live without! Drop a hint to your beaux or snag a product or two for yourself or your friends this Valentine’s Day as a way to feel extra pampered on this special day of love.

imperial honey

Imperial Honey Marvelous Bath & Shower Cream ($40): This bath cream is formulated with rare organic honey made from black beehives found only in Sicily that pollinate off of fields of wild cloves, which provides rejuvenating and nourishing properties. It also creates a smoothing effect of the skin, not to mention the incredible notes of sweet honey left lingering on the skin. Rub it into your skin while bathing, rinse with fresh water, and voila! Your skin will feel silky and refreshed in no time.

pink peony

Pink Peony Body Water ($30): Imagine the fragrant, romantic smell of peonies encapsulated into a bottle, and that’s what you have with this body water. Unlike many perfumes that contain chemicals harmful to the skin, this spritz is all-natural and refreshes and hydrates the skin, while also emitting heavenly, soft floral scents that last throughout your entire day—and Valentine’s date night!

honey nurturing

Honey Nurturing Body Balm ($30): This body balm is an intensive moisturizer, complete with the luscious scent of fresh honey and a recipe of natural, fast-acting ingredients that nurture and soften the skin. Organic honey from Acacia flowers found in the Tuscan hills, avocado oil, and milk proteins are some of the elements that make up this miracle moisturizer, and they provide emollient, long-lasting properties to the skin not found in many other moisturizers.

shea butter

Shea Butter with Sweet Almond Nurturing Body Balm ($30): Another fast-acting moisturizer, this body balm is a cure-all for those dealing with mildly dry to extremely parched skin. Our shea butter is 100-percent certified organic and left in its purest form, so it contains special anti-oxidizing properties that support the skin’s natural barrier against the elements. Massage over the whole body until completely absorbed to restore suppleness and softness.