• Give Your Skin a Lift & a Summer Glow

    Aging is inevitable, but premature skin aging is not. One of our favorite natural ingredients that work wonders on the skin is pomegranate, which is why we choose to incorporate it into a one of a kind product, our Pomegranate 3 in 1 Arm Skin Lift Express. The Perlier Pomegranate 3 in 1 Arm Skin... View Post
  • Italian Dream Skincare

    Perlier is an Italian beauty brand with over 80 years of history specializing in skincare. Perlier has a team of chemists, pharmacists, scientists, and agricultural specialists that create powerful and natural plant-based skincare products. The corporate office of Perlier located in La Carignana... View Post
  • The No-Makeup Look - Why It's Trending and How to Get It

    If you’ve been keeping up with recent beauty trends, you’ve probably caught on to the “no makeup” look coming back in style. However, while this look is currently trending, it is a timeless look people have been attempting to achieve for centuries. The bare-faced, I just rolled out of bed looking... View Post