• Pomegranate Detoxifying Body Scrub 10.1 fl oz

Pomegranate Detoxifying Body Scrub 10.1 fl oz

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A scrub treatment for the whole body with dual exfoliating and antioxidant actions.


  • The Pomegranate granules and exfoliating micro-spheres formula help to remove impurities and dry skin, giving you a perfectly silky, smooth skin.
  • Special enzymes help to promote healthy-looking skin, revealing "new", smoother, clearer and more uniform-looking skin.
  • The Active Pomegranate Water and Pulp, with its natural antioxidant properties, help to make your skin appear younger and revitalized.

Clinical Studies

  • In a clinical study on 30 volunteers the following results were achieved:
    • 11% increase in skin hydration after 1 hour and 14% increase after 28 days
    • 10% increase in skin tonometry.
    • 9% increase in skin smoothness after 4 hours and 13% increase after 28 days of use
  • In a cosmetic acceptability with 30 participants the following results were given after use:
    • 100% agreed the texture was pleasant
    • 100% agreed the scent was pleasant
    • 100% agreed product was easy to apply
    • 100 %  agreed skin felt smoother after use.
    • 100% agreed skin appeared softer immediately after use.
    • 100% agreed skin was smoother and softer after 28 days of use.
    • 100% agreed overall evaluation of product was positive.
    • 90% agreed skin was revitalized after 28 days of use.
    • 90% agreed skin appeared more uniform after 28 days of use.

How to Use

Massage into damp skin and rinse