• Pomegranate Lifting Arm Cream 13.5 oz

Pomegranate Lifting Arm Cream 13.5 oz



Perlier presents its new exclusive Arm Lift-Express Treatment, which features a threefold action: invigorating, firming, and smoothing. The core of the formula is Perliers innovative & Proprietary “Pomegranate-P active complex”, a complex that contains the most dynamic principles of pomegranate: Active Water, Pulp, Seed Oil and Sterols, extracted from the skin of the Pomegranate.


  • An extraordinary antioxidant and anti-aging concentrate, which helps the skin to become unbelievably firmer looking, elastic and smooth. Special Lipo peptides help to optimize elastin, which is responsible for its firmness and elasticity.
  • A totally innovative vegetable polymer that acts like an invisible film.
  • A greatly effective, complete formula, which effectively helps to fight the loss of firmness on the inside of the arms, while helping to visibly reduce the negative effects of gravity and the unattractive "relaxed" look of the skin.
  • Helps  to improve the skins elasticity, Improves the skins hydration and tone
  • Leaves skin smoother and firmer.

Clinical Studies

  • In a human patch test on 50 people showed no adverse reaction
  • In a clinical study on 30 volunteers the following results were achieved:
    • 69% increase in skin hydration after 1 hour
    • 12% increase in skin elasticity after  hours
    • 15% increase in skin tone after just 4 hours and 18% increase after 10 days

How to Use

Apply in the morning and at night, with a lifting-up motion from the wrist to the shoulder. Massage the most prone areas of "relaxed" looking skin, in a circular motion

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