• Imperial Honey Body Cream 16.9oz

Imperial Honey Body Cream 16.9oz



A super hydrating super rich body cream with unique moisturizing properties that deliver super hydrated skin that looks and feels super moisturized and is soft , supple and glowing.

What it does

  1. A prodigious formula that combines the honey of black bees, a precious nourishment of moisture for the skin and fresh royal jelly, with rejuvenating properties.
  2. Enriched, with each precious drops it nourishes with moisture, moisturizes and gives shine to the body.
  3. Applied with a gentle massage after bathing or showering, it melts instantly and gives skin an incredibly smooth feel, wrapped in the sensual and refined notes of honey and precious oriental woods

How to use

Apply to body and massage in until completely absorbed once or twice a day or whenever needed.


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