• Platinum Black Rice Vitamin C Pure Concentrate Of Youth Serum

Platinum Black Rice Vitamin C Pure Concentrate Of Youth Serum



Perlier's proprietary technology uses a unique and ultra-fresh form of Vitamin C, freshest of its kind.  It is dispensed and effective at the moment of first use for the freshest delivery.  Each bottle contains 100 mg of pure Vitamin C and Kakadu Plum which is one of the worlds richest sources of Vitamin C.

What It Does

This serum including pure Vitamin C and kakadu plum helps to support the skin’s anti-aging  beauty defenses, while helping to slow down and prevent the visible signs  of aging skin.

  1. This serum helps to smooth and brighten the look of your complexion. 
  2. This ultra-fresh form of Vitamin C with its powerful anti-oxidant benefits helps to fight against  free radical aggressors that can lead to visible signs of aging skin -
  3. It helps to moisturize skin 
  4. Lends a younger-looking appearance with a firmer look and feel.

How To Use

The treatment must be prepared only when you are ready to start using the beauty treatment in order to maintain and preserve the freshest, most powerful and unadultered effectiveness of Vitamin C. 

  • Apply to clean, fresh face.
  • Use for 15 consecutive days once per  day in the morning or evening.
  • Follow by usual Black rice beauty regimen and skincare.