• Perlier Bouquet de Gardenia Hand Cream

Bouquet de Gardenia Hand Cream



Imagine the pleasure of surrounding yourself with the sweet floral scent of a fresh bouquet of elegant Gardenias whenever you want! That’s what this exclusive hand cream delivers, and it’s enriched with flower waxes and silk proteins to give you amazingly soft and velvety hands.


3.3 oz

What It Does

  1. Hydrates and moisturizes the hands and nails
  2. Helps give hands a more beautiful and youthful look when used daily.
  3. Leaves hands soft and supple with a beautiful unique scent
  4. A soft, delicate formula, enriched with natural botanical extracts, revitalizes skin, and helps protect against daily environmental aggressors.

How to Use

Apply to hands and massage in until completely absorbed once or twice a day or whenever needed.

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