• Honey & Lavender Cream Bath 10.1 fl oz

Honey & Lavender Cream Bath 10.1 fl oz



Perlier provides an exclusive formula to transform your bath or shower experience into a true beauty treatment.

Pure, absolute and perfect, Honey blends with Lavenders delicate floral scent in an exclusive recipe for a bath charged with sweetness. Hydrates the skin making it deliciously soft and silky.

What it does

  • Perliers Bath & Shower Cream is a luxurious European bath & body product that is as rich as a cream.
  • It is a true natural cleanser, which moisturizes, revitalizes while immediately giving a velvety skin in the shower or bath.
  • When rubbed into damp skin while taking a shower or bath, it turns into a soft foaming and gentle cleanser that caresses the body and leaves your skin looking younger and polished.

How to use

Apply to wet skin in bath or shower, rinse thoroughly.