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W. Nichols
It's nice to get a hit of this scent again, although it's VERY strong

Firstly, I have loved the Blue Iris scent since finding the body cream years ago. Since I can no longer find or purchase that product I jumped at the chance (2 decades later) to get this in my hands. Although it smells like Blue Iris the scent is overpoweringly strong. As a room freshening spray it works nicely due to only needing one spritz. However, the scent on the body is way too strong. I am thinking about diluting it. I do miss the soft scent through body cream and probably always will. Thank You for the opportunity Perlier. I feel like I met up with an old friend even if it's quite aggressive. Buyer beware. IT'S STRONG!

Similar to Snowdrop

This is the next best thing when I can't find Snowdrop. There is a similarity between the two. Iris Blu is a soft, feminine and powdery scent, as is Snowdrop, but this one is more powdery and more delicate.


I have always loved the Blue Iris scent. If you are looking for the original scent with nothing changed, this is it. I also love the Snowdrop scent. This is my second favorite now that the original Pink Peony is no longer available (the newest version has changed from the original lovely scent which broke my heart). So far they have not messed with the Blue Iris or the Snowdrop like they did with the Pink Peony. The Blue Iris still smells like a soft powdery floral.


We use key natural ingredients like 100% Organic Italian honey, olives, almonds, and more.


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