• Pomegranate Moisturizing Body Cream 6.7 fl oz

Pomegranate Moisturizing Body Cream 6.7 fl oz



A super rich and ultra hydrating body cream.  Enhanced with special anti-age pearls that melt on the skin in seconds. Perliers innovative & Proprietary “Pomegranate-P active complex”, a complex that contains the most dynamic principles of pomegranate: It is made with Organic Pomegranate Active Water, Pulp, Seed Oil and Sterols, extracted from four different parts of the fruit of the Pomegranate.


  • Organic Pomegarnate Active water extracted from pomegranate juice helps to visually awaken the skin.
  • Organic Pomegranate Pulp is rich in Aquaporins and enzymes which is highly moisturizing and helps to renew the skin with a smoother more radiant glow
  • Organic Pomegranate Nourishing waxes ( Sterols ) helps  to make the skin more elastic and compact.  Improves the look and feel of your skin .
  • Organic seed oil is a powerful natural antioxiadant and rich in Vitamin E and flavonoids that helps to improve the skins hydration and tone .
  • Leaves skin soft, supple , smoother and ultra hydrated.

Clinical Studies

  • In a clinical study on 30 volunteers the following results were achieved:
    • 64% increase in skin hydration after 1 hour
    • 15% increase in skin elasticity after 4 hours
    • 17% increase in skin tone after just 4 hours and 29% increase after 28 days
  • In a cosmetic acceptability with 30 participants the following results were given:
    • 100% agreed the texture was pleasant
    • 100% agreed the product was pleasant to use
    • 100% agreed product absorbed easily
    • 100% agreed product did not leave a greasy film
    • 100% agreed product leaves their skin smooth
    • 100% agreed overall evaluation of product was positive
    • 96% agreed product leaves skin hydrated
    • 96% agreed their skin was more elastic
    • 96% agreed their skin appeared firmer after 28 days of use
    • 96% agreed their skin was more hydrated after 298 days of use
    • 96% agreed their skin was more elastic after 28 days of use.

How to Use

Apply in the morning and at night. Massage all over body