• Snowdrop Body Cream 6.7 oz

Snowdrop Body Cream 6.7 oz



A regenerating super hydrating super rich body cream for dry distressed skin. The floral scent of snowdrop in a rich cream  for the body. This Cream  nourishes with moisture, restoring smoothness to the driest skins. Ideal for whole body after a bath or shower. Non greasy

What it does

Specifically formulated for dehydrated, tired and stressed skin.

  • The richest texture to massage into skin when and where it needs it the most, restoring hydration and moisturization to all skin types, even the most driest fatigued skin types.
  • Helps to restore hydration to very dry areas especially feet, heels, elbows and knees.

How to use

Apply to legs, hands, feet, heels ,elbows or any area that needs extra hydration and care due to super dry skin  and massage in until completely absorbed once or twice a day or whenever needed.