The Hydro-Zone Collection
Hydro-zone, the exclusive “smart moisturizing” system, is now more effective: it provides you with “active oxygen” which revives your skin and gives a radiant, younger and more supple look to your face.
Perlier Oxygen, the new and exclusive active complex, acts in synergy for an unprecedented effective oxygenating and moisturizing action:
Ozonated Oil
Releases “Active Oxygen”and revitalizes the skin tissues

Natural Reoxigenating Ingredient
Eases the transport of oxygen within cells

Trealose 2a
Moisturizes where and when the skin needs it most

Vegetal Polysaccharide – “second Skin”
An invisible “second skin” film that protects the skin from the surrounding environment and keep the skin perfectly moisturized

Skincare - Hydro-Zone

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