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My name is rebecka from Walnut Creek ca

I used some products from a local Bay Area company 100% pure with HYALURINIC ACID that RUINED MY FACE and I didn’t know what to do I was suffering so bad with itching and swelling and bright redness and tried cortisone cream and Benadryl and the only thing that fixed the horrific damage was I was like looking around my bedroom and I’m like well can I put that on my face ? My FACE? And I was so desperate that I did but diluted with fiji bottled water and guess what ? After days of suffering it calmed and soothed immediately . Btw my legs and body are transformed after this product and I’m highly sensitive. Obviously. Thank you skip and Amanda . I actually bought this on a whim as I’m partial to so many of your other products but tried this just for fun and it’s actually become my go to as my skin is literally transformed to better than it’s ever been my entire life . Thank uou for continuing to up your game ..we love uou !!

Great product

I love this product!
I use it over serum after showering.
Love the subtle scent and larger size- will last up to 3 months


We use key natural ingredients like 100% Organic Italian honey, olives, almonds, and more.


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