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Barbara Woosley
New product

I really like the Honey Miel Oil I have been using one my face morning and evening I feel so relaxing then I moisturize can’t believe I haven’t tried before and my feel so soft

Monica Johnson
Love. Love. Love.

I first used this product because my Mommy had it. I immediately fell in love. The feel, the smell, the way it goes on so smoothly. I was able to get it during the Labor Day sale and I stocked up. I will definitely use it forever. My new favorite beauty product.

Elaine Arnold
wonderful oil for face and hair

Terrific product

Very soothing oil

I've been using the Honey Miel Oil to remove mascara and foundation and I love it. It's so soothing and moisturizing. It's a very special oil. I don't feel like there's an oil slick on my face, my skin seems to absorb it and it feels so good after I wipe the remainder off with a damp cloth. It's very good at removing makeup and my eyelashes love it.

Brenda Howard
Honey Miel Body Oil

My go to after shower product. I honestly NEVER want to be without this oil. My skin takes a beating from the sun, riding motorcycles, convertable tops down, hiking, snorkeling, you name it! I apply it generously every morning, more so than most people might need. My skin doesn't get dried out or wrinkled, from the harsh elements I am exposed to for hours on end. I use many Perlier products and this oil is a MUST for active sun lovers. In the evening I put a couple droppers of oil in a small misting bottle with water, and spray a light mist all over my arms and legs. It dries quick and keeps the moisture in my skin while I sleep. I Put it on the backs of my hands at night and can definitely see a (Youthful) difference. P.S. it's not greasy so you can still wear your watch and rings.


We use key natural ingredients like 100% Organic Italian honey, olives, almonds, and more.


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