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Honey Body Tightening Booster Serum-Gel, which is a great pairing with the Perlier Tightening Body Cream to provide additional beauty benefits. Suitable for anyone that needs an extra boost of tightening benefits to their skin


  • Its state of-the-art formula is inspired by the European aesthetic beauty treatments to help the skin looks its best. The formulation contains rich ingredients like a concentration of a "Caffeine Complex", a powerful complex based on caffeine and green coffee. It also contains Escin, Centella extract, and is enriched with Italian organic honey.
  • Helps bring back the look of healthier, younger, firmer and tighter skin.
  • It nourishes the skin with moisture and makes the skin look smoother.
  • This Booster serum enhances the moisturizing properties of the tightening body cream

Clinical Studies

  • In a Human patch test on 50 participants, Honey Booster Serum Body Tightening Gel was shown to  be non-irritating.
  • In a clinical study on 30 people, the following results were achieved-
    • 49% increase in skin hydration after just one hour using the Honey tightening body cream alone but a 60% increase in skin hydration after one hour using the tightening body cream with the  booster gel serum.
    • 10% increase in skin elasticity using the honey tightening body cream alone for 15 days but an increase of 12% using both the body cream and booster serum gel
    • 38% increase in the appearance of skin firmness after 15 days of using the Honey Tightening Body Cream alone but 42% increase when using both the Body Cream and Booster Serum Gel.

** Claims can only be used when speaking of using both the tightening cream and booster serum together.

How to Use

Mix a small quantity of Serum-Gel with Body Tightening Cream and rub in a circular motion on to the skin in areas that need it the most until it is fully absorbed.