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Ann Connor
Perlier Sandalwood Shower Gel and Liquid Soap

I gave the sets as gifts to 3 male relatives.

Joanie Pippin
Great products!

I loved the vanilla shower gel but the sandalwood/vanilla I didn’t like to well.
But I have grown granddaughters I can give those products to them. All girls!!

Best Shower gel / Soap in the world!

I am using this product already for 12 years. I found it for the first time when I was just 19 years old in the shop on Corso Buenos Aires (at that time I was in love with my first husband who was from Milan). I immediately fell in love with this shower gel, sapone (liquid soap), the smell, consistency - EVERYTHING. I genuinely love everything about this shower gel. Despite the fact that this smell is supposed to serve men, I use it for myself.

Back then it was no Perlier in my country - and I was bringing stockpiles of these shower gels in luggage back to my home country. Since then I moved to Belgium and was suffering without Perlier (I couldn't find it there). So I was bringing it in my luggage from Italy again. And then I moved to the USA - and discovered that I simply can order it here - on the website. I cannot explain how much relief it was to know it.

I just wanted to write THANKS for all of these years of happiness, which Perlier gave me. When I miss Italy, I just use this shower gel - and all the beautiful pictures, smells, and sensations come back. This product simply makes me happy.

P.S. Regarding the quality of the product - it is ottimo - simply amazing. The smell is very subtle. The texture is very gentle. In 12 years I never had any irritations or problems (I have very sensitive skin). It leaves my body fresh and energized, and my mind - calmed and relaxed. Highly recommended.

This company is so underrated. It simply deserves more!


We use key natural ingredients like 100% Organic Italian honey, olives, almonds, and more.


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