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Perlier Innovation: Fresh Royal Jelly
To conserve unaltered its remarkably rich content of active ingredients, Perlier uses Royal Jelly in fresh form. As soon as it is collected, the Royal Jelly is put under a vacuum in bottles of dark-coloured glass, to protect if from the light, in a temperature- controlled environment.

Perlier uses a revolutionary and exclusive delivery system technology that keeps the Royal Jelly fresh and “active”, in order to deliver it to the heart of skin cells in it’s free form for instant results.
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The Secrets of Royal Jelly
Anti-ageing skin products with Royal Jelly, the precious secret behind the longevity of the Queen Bee, provides the skin with intense youthfulness. Royal Jelly symbol of eternal youth. Royal Jelly is the secret behind the longevity of the Queen Bee that, nourishing herself exclusively on this precious substance, has a life-span 50 times
longer than that of other bees.

Symbol of eternal youth, Royal Jelly is a natural mix of as many as 14 vitamins, 7 minerals and trace elements, 6 different types of sugars, not to mention proteins and amino acids essential for the whole body.’ A natural reconstituent that replenishes the youthfulness of the skin, unique and inimitable, still today impossible to reproduce in the laboratory.