Olive Oil
Perlier's renewed line of Olivarium, and is an intense nourishment for the skin
Perlier Innovation: The Secret Behind Our Formula
The olive trees of Gallipoli: UNESCO World Heritage Site - 60 million olive trees scattered throughout this area, many of them secular (up to 3000 years of age) because thanks to their characteristics, they are able to withstand the elements, the wind and the torrid summer for centuries. characterized by unique shapes and intertwining almost as if they wanted to tell a particular story - Millennial olive trees cover the hills and reach the sea. The ideal habitat in which these majestic trees can grow and give their best, for an oil with a very high concentration of antioxidants, trace elements and minerals.

The youth secret plant- Perlier's Olive Gem Tree

Called the Gold of Gallipoli or Salento - precious 100% Italian, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – is now Perlier's renewed line of Olivarium, and is an intense nourishment for the skin.

An ultra-nourishing and “liquid crystal” formula, creating on the skin an invisible “molecular film” , acting like a real shield against dryness and dehydration. It encompasses all the “vital energy” of the Olive tree: Gem lymph, Olive Leaf Extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Bud Extract, in addition to Lycopene, Unsaponifiables from the oil , all bringing you the power of the Olive oil to provide your skin with some of Italy best aging and super moisturizing properties

Perlier’s Olive Tree Gem extract is really rare and produced only once a year it is the youth secret of the plant - it’s a real vital lymph

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