Videos of Perlier
Learn more about how our products are made, where they come from in our short video clips listed below
Who We Are
Learn more about our Italian Bath & Body company, rich in history.
La Carignana
Take in the rich history of La Carignana, and learn about how Perlier ties into it.
How It's Made
Honey is one of our most important ingredients. Learn more about how we make ours!
Volcanic Thermal
Experience our volcanic thermal ingredients which are so beneficial for your skin.
Acacia Honey
Learn more about the beautiful Acacia Honey and how it's made
White Honey
See our Italian White Honey products directly from the hills of Tuscany.
See some of the unique ingredients used to make our fragrances.
Perlier Store
Join us as we walk you through one of our Italian store fronts.
La Carignana Tour
Take a tour through La Carignana and experience it's romantic landscape.
Imperial Honey
See how we gather our honey and package it into our Imperial Honey products.