• Gallipoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hand Cream

Gallipoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hand Cream



Packed with the Gold of Salento - precious 100% Italian, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - this deeply nourishing hand cream keeps hands and nails hydrated, and protected, and younger looking.


3.3 oz

What it does:

This super rich 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers the best hydration for your hands and nails 

 An ultra-nourishing and “liquid crystal” formula, creates an invisible “molecular film” on the skin that acts like a shield against dryness and dehydration.

 It encompasses all the “vital energy” of the Olive tree: gem lymph, the extract of olive leaves and unsaponifiable from olive oil, with anti-ageing and super moisturizing properties. 

 How to use

Apply on hands with a massage, repeating the application anytime when  needed.