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Alma Garza

I just love your Hemp Oil!
It feels and smells wonderful. I use it before I go for a walk and it helps my feet and legs. Great product!

Excellent Product

I ordered this balm without any recommendations other than the website. I have used hemp oil to treat toenail fungus and thought I would give this a try since one of the reviewers mentioned it had helped him. I agree! While my fungus is not gone, my nails and feet seem much healthier and happier after using this product for a couple of months. Overall skin health in my feet and legs also has improved in terms of color and smoothness. Now that it is on sale, I have just ordered five more tubes and will share with a number of friends and family.

Carol Andoljsek
Amazing product

I have neuropathy in one foot due to a surgical mistake. My foot would bother me especially at night. I bought this foot cream just hoping it might help. It does! I put it on my feet every night and it calms the bad foot so I can sleep. I’m on my third tube of it and have two more in my closet. I never want to be without it!

Great Product!

I love the way it makes my legs and especially my feet feel. I put it on my back too where I had my epidural.

Steve Sewald
Fantastic Product!

This is by far the best cream I have ever used. I am a male 66 years old that had cracked toenails and my feet were in bad shape. It has helped tremendously with my overall feet condition. Has improved with toenail fungus where no other product has. I now use it all over with great results. I ordered 8 for I don’t ever want to be without it!


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