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Carol Brown
Silky to the touch

I was amazed at how easily this oil was absorbed into the skin. It didn't leave a tacky residue. Skin felt silky not tacky. It did a great job especially on my rough elbows and ankles.

Pat Smith
Love it!

Use it all the time--all the HEMP products. Please continue to carry the items--I know there are no medical claims, but the oil and cream actually help ease the pain in my feet and legs. Great product for face/hair too!

Rebekah Brown
Body and hair saver!

Hemp oil has saved my nails. I have weak nails that chip and peel easily and do not grow. Very short and ugly. I use the oil 2-3 times a day on my nails and cuticles and they are transformed. They don’t chip or peel anymore and ridges have disappeared. Also I use it on the ends of my hair. I’m older and the oil softens the ends.

Susan Rine
Magic in a green bottle

I have used Perlier Hemp Oil daily for several years now. It is the best moisturizing face oil I have ever used by far. I mix a few drops in with my SPF 30 daily moisturizer and it soaks into my face quickly leaving my skin soft and supple. No greasy or shiny residue ever. Simple maximum absorption for smooth, hydrated skin. It is worth every penny AND my last bottle lasted almost a year with facial use only. Occasionally, I will rub a few drops into my hair to manage fly aways. I cannot recommend this product enough. Couldn't live with out it!!!

Linda Marshall
Creative softness

Wonderful product for any time of the year. Ordered more to keep in more than one area in my home!


We use key natural ingredients like 100% Organic Italian honey, olives, almonds, and more.


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